Court made a shocking decision: Fury will have to fight Wilder!

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Court made a shocking decision: Fury will have to fight Wilder!

After we've been following the real rumor about arranging a match (s) between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua in recent months, it just seemed that everything had finally been agreed, and new problems arose, probably the biggest so far.

Namely, already at the end of last year, Deontay Wilder managed to lead through the court to Fury being forced to cancel his match against Agit Kabaley. He filed a lawsuit to prove that Fury was required to do the third match against him, which “Gipsy King” along with his representatives denied, saying Wilder had passed the deadline to activate the clause that guaranteed him that match.

He didn’t take a court victory in December but just running the case was enough to ban Fury from appearing in another match. During these negotiations, Fury repeatedly claimed that everything was resolved around the match with Wilder, and the media stopped covering the topic of the mentioned court and arbitration.

And while we’ve all taken Fury’s claim as relevant, many have wondered where “Bronze Bomber” is and when his return to the ring will be seen. And he actually waited strategically, believing that the court would make the decision he advocated.

And it happened! The news was first reported by renowned journalist Mark Kriegel of ESPN, who revealed that the arbitration had ruled that Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury must meet in the ring by September 15 this year.


This now puts everyone involved in the unenviable situation around the match between Joshua and Fury, whose statements no one has yet managed to reach.

But it also opens up a position for several options. The best option for everyone would be for Wilder to waive his right. If he is willing to do so, that is, if a rematch against Fury is not his priority, it will probably cost the organizers quite a bit, maybe even an eight-figure amount in dollars.

Even after that, the Joshua-Fury match could be very profitable, if one knows how much money the Saudi co-organizers invested. Another option would be for Fury to leave the WBC belt if that is of course possible, but the question is whether Joshua would then still be ready for a match against him, especially under the currently agreed terms, which should lead to the match scheduled for August 14.

The third option is of course Fury's match against Wilder, who would postpone everything for a while longer. But it is an option if nothing can be resolved in terms of satisfying Wilder's affinities. It is not yet known how serious this court decision is, ie.

can Fury and his team object to a decision that is severely ruining his plans. As this is now a leading topic in the world of boxing, we will learn a lot more in the coming days.