Deontay Wilder decided to change his coach

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Deontay Wilder decided to change his coach

About six months after accusing his now-former coach Mark Breland of conspiracy, Deontay Wilder has strengthened his team with a new name - Malik Scott. The 'Bronze Bomber', let us remind you, could not come to terms with losing the title and losing to Tyson Fury, so he found excuses wherever he was.

He was also blamed for the overweight costume in which he walked to the ring, he also accused suspicious Fury gloves, he criticized Breland for throwing in towels, and he accused him of conspiring with the 'Gypsy King' team and at one point even concluded that this one “did something with the water” he drank that day.

Breland and Wilder, meanwhile, broke up. Such a relationship wasn't good for them, and it seems that the American boxer has now found a replacement for the written-off coach in Malik Scott. “Incredibly quiet training with my brother and new coach,” Wilder revealed on Instagram alongside a video with Scott.

Scott is a former heavyweight who ended his career in 2016 with a defeat by Luis Ortiz. After changing coaches, Wilder now reckons he will be much better, and his former coach seems to have been a burden to him. Certainly, Malik has what Wilder lacks, and he can influence Wilder to become a better fighter than he was

Next opponent

During his career, Malik recorded 38 victories, three defeats, and one draw, and apart from the famous Cuban, only Derek Chisora ​​and - Deontay Wilder, who knocked out him in 2014 by only 96 seconds, 'outplayed' him in the ring.

Jay Deas, the coach who spent years with Breland preparing Wilder, seems to still be part of the team, and the assumption is that Scott jumps in to fill the void created by Mark’s departure. At the moment it is not clear who will be Wilder's next opponent.

It is possible that the former champion is waiting for the unfolding of a story involving Tyson Fury and Antony Joshua, and let us also mention that those of Dillian Whyte and Andy Ruiz Jr. is increasingly associated with his name.

Of course, the name of his next opponent could appear soon Whoever the opponent is will have a very difficult task, considering that Wilder is more motivated than ever, and with the arrival of a new coach, he will surely gain in self-confidence but also in quality. As we can see, Wilder trains hard and took the next task seriously.