Josh Taylor confident he will win against Jose Ramirez

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Josh Taylor confident he will win against Jose Ramirez

Josh Taylor is on the verge of great success and achievement, both for him and for his country. On May 23, he will fight Jose Ramirez and will have the opportunity to win WBC and WBO belts, and thus win 2 more titles in addition to light-welterweight titles.

“To be on the doorstep of achieving it is crazy." - Taylor said, as quoted by mirror “This is why I’m so motivated — my name will have some kind of greatness attached to it if I win this fight.

“Undisputed world champion in the four-belt era, the first person from Britain to do it, the first person in Scotland to do it, and there are only four other fighters in the world to have done it." “It’s a really, really special club to be a member of and it’s one that puts my name in the history books so people will hopefully be talking about me when I’m long gone”.

Ken Buchanan, his compatriot, achieved identical success in 1971 when he held WBA and WBC titles “I never thought I’d hear my name mentioned in the same breath as Kenny’s as an undisputed world champion.

“Even when I turned professional, people were saying, ‘Can you be as good as Ken Buchanan?’ “I was, like, ‘Don’t disrespect the man, this is an all-time British great and you’re putting me in the same breath.

Come on, that’s ridiculous’. “But now it’s a realistic goal and I’m just a few days from achieving what he achieved. “I’m close to Kenny as well, I’ve seen him a lot over the years.

“I’d love to go home and see him with the belts and say, ‘Look, I’m just like you, Champ’”.


He seems convinced that he will take the victory against Ramirez “I’ve visualised this fight over and over, thousands of times in my head, I’ve imagined it in lots of different ways, and every single time it’s me winning.

"My speed, power, skill, accuracy, boxing IQ, my brain will be different to anything he has faced before. “The ball is in my court, the way I want to take the fight on, I’m better than him in every department and my skill levels will be the difference.

Yet as he stated, he does not want to underestimate his opponent “He’s a very good fighter, he comes forward, puts the pressure on and he’s very good at what he does, so I’m not here disrespecting him. “I just believe I’m better than him and he is going to have to prove me wrong”.