Match between Fury and Joshua will take place on August 14

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Match between Fury and Joshua will take place on August 14

The main organizer of the biggest boxing match in recent years, Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Boxing, has succeeded in his plan regarding the date on which the two best heavyweights in the world will compete. After waiting for a decision between the first two weekends in August, it was made and the match will take place on August 14, which Hearn personally confirmed to Sky Sports today, but added new information regarding the location.

“The Saudis want to build a new stadium,” Hearn began the story of his Saudi partners, who want this to be an even bigger spectacle than the one they prepared in late 2019 for Joshua’s match against Andy Ruiz Jr.

"They have options with halls, and there, in August at 11 pm, the temperature is approximately 23 degrees Celsius. That's why they want to build a new stadium." "For the match against Andy Ruiz, they built a stadium with seven thousand people in seven weeks.

This is going to be something like that, "Hearn said, adding: "They have all the conditions to do an indoor show, but they want something special. They will build a stadium that will shock the world and only for this occasion.

They can do it and they will do it."


Sky Sports reveals that Hearn has confirmed their date, although it has yet to be officially confirmed by both sides. As for the participants in the match, which is obviously approaching and will take place in exactly three months, Joshua has been in serious training for some time, but this is nothing new for him.

He is a boxer who is always in good shape. Fury, on the other hand, is still living a completely hedonistic lifestyle and has yet to reveal when he will start preparing. However, he has no convincing doubts about his victory, and he emphasizes this every time he meets the media.

The Saudi city where the match will take place has not been mentioned yet. Last time it was the tourist attractive Diriyah, but it is not excluded that this time another location will be chosen. Regardless of the location, what the Saudis are doing is certainly spectacular, and it is amazing that they are all ready to create an atmosphere in which the audience will enjoy.

They are also aware that this project will pay off just like the previous one, but they will certainly not stop at this fight, and that we can see many more fights in Saudi Arabia in the near future.