Zach Parker thinks he would cause big problems for Canelo Alvarez

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Zach Parker thinks he would cause big problems for Canelo Alvarez

Zach Parker, a super middleweight boxer, gave his comment regarding the match between Alvarez and Saunders. Parker thinks that Saunders was not so bad, but that Canelo is still a great fighter, and that it is very difficult to fight him.

“I thought it was a good fight and Billy did a lot better than I thought he would, but size was obviously against him at super middleweight,” considered the 26-year-old ranked at No.1 by the WBO, as quoted by frankwarren “He did show that Canelo still doesn’t like southpaws and movers.

“I had it at almost level before it was stopped. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery. “I said to a lot of people that it would be a better fight than the Callum Smith one because Smith hasn’t got the movement or slickness."

"He stands there in front of you where he can hit and be hit. He waited for punches and tried to come back but you can’t do that with Canelo because you’ve got to have that movement and make it awkward for him”.

Parker vs Alvarez

Parker believes that Saunders lacked strength in punches and that he had to hit better and push him back. It seems that Parker is ready to fight Alvarez, and he thinks that he would hit much better, and that he would cause him big problems.

“I watched closely and if Billy Joe had a bit more size on him and a bit more punching power he could have done even better. With extra power he could have kept him off a bit and made it a different fight. “You need that power at this weight.

You can box, but that won’t take you the whole way, you need to hurt and push him back a bit. “Billy’s punching power wasn’t bothering him at all and he was just walking through it. He got him in the end.

“That is what I am looking at myself. I am a lot bigger than both of them at 6ft 2” and I am still growing as a lad. I am a tank at super middleweight and when I punch I make sure it hurts them, I’m not gonna be tip-tapping or nothing like that.

“I have said it to a lot of people because they don’t know what I’ve done with coming under the radar a little bit, but my trainer will tell you I hit like a heavyweight. “I am just going to keep getting my wins up, keep getting my name out there more so I can get in with these bigger names.

If people don’t know who you are they will not put a lot of money up for fights, so I need to keep pushing my case”.