Demetrius Andrade tried to provoke Alvarez at a press conference

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Demetrius Andrade tried to provoke Alvarez at a press conference

Canelo Alvarez also had one showdown at the press conference on Sunday, but instead of a fist, just a few words were enough for him for this match. Namely, shortly after the Mexican stopped Billy Joe Saunders, the world WBO champion in the middle category - Demetrius Andrade - came for his part of the cake.

Andrade watched Alvarez's last match from the front row, and he appeared at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington with a T-shirt that read: "Canelo and Billy Joe are afraid of fighting Boo Boo Andrade." After the show, this undefeated American (30-0) concluded it was the right time to challenge Alvarez, but as soon as he heard and spotted him, Canelo decided to kick him out of the press conference.

"It was a wild scene! Andrade was escorted by security, and Alvarez could be heard repeating 'get out, you haven't fought anyone yet. I've never seen so much emotion on his face" Mike Coppinger, a famous boxing insider recounted how the situation looked like.

“Get lost or I’ll beat you up right away on the spot,” added Canelo, who occasionally laughed and occasionally talked seriously. Andrade is often criticized for not having a real rival from the very top of world boxing, but it is also true that he has been trying to fight with perhaps the best boxer of today for a long time.

Other plans

But to his chagrin, Canelo already has slightly different plans regarding the unification of the titles in the super middleweight category, and thus his fight with IBF champion Caleb Plant. Of course, this kind of intrusion by Andrade is not surprising, considering his character, but also the goal he wants to achieve.

Andrade is aware of how much he would gain by fighting Canel, and how much he would gain in popularity, especially if we consider his victory in such a match. However, it is unlikely that this will happen, because Alvarez obviously has other plans, and it seems that such provocations by Andrade will not end successfully.

We have to admit that Andrade is clever and is trying everything to arrange a fight, but the chances for such a thing at this moment are very small. Andrade will surely have to wait a little longer and have patience if he wants to appear in the ring with Canelo.

He will have to change tactics if he wants to achieve what he envisioned. Given these provocations, the fight would probably be phenomenal, as he seems to have managed to provoke Alvarez at least a little.