Young boxer Rolando Romero is not afraid of anyone

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Young boxer Rolando Romero is not afraid of anyone

Rolando Romero is a young boxer with a great career ahead of him. He currently has 11 fights where he is undefeated, but he is still not exposed like some other boxers. “Look, those people, they ain’t gonna say anything to me because they’re all terrified of me,” Romero told, as quoted by boxingscene “They’re not gonna say anything to me.

They’re not gonna say they’re gonna be able to beat me. They’re gonna keep me out of the party. But you know what? I always show up to the party uninvited, so it doesn’t matter. I don’t wait for no invitation to no party.

They ain’t gonna call me out. They ain’t gonna do any of that stuff because I’m the biggest risk in that division”.

Rolando Romero believes in himself

Romero seems to be full of self-confidence and as if he is not afraid of other more experienced boxers “We all know what’s gonna happen when I get in there with all the bigger guys,” Romero said.

“They’re gonna get hurt really bad and they’re gonna get knocked out. To me, that’s not gonna change, regardless of who I fight. I’m the big, bad wolf in my division, and everyone at the top knows that.

Every single person at the top knows that. They’ve been in the ring with me. And we all know what happened – they all know what happened”. “I’m just gonna show everyone what’s supposed to have been happening, what people have been waiting for me to show,” Romero said.

“I’m gonna get my first belt. I ain’t never fought a 10-rounder. I fought one eight-rounder, and it lasted two rounds. And I’m going straight to 12. I ain’t wasting no time. I’m gonna dominate this entire sport, I’m gonna dominate my division, and everyone can see it.

I might be the hardest puncher up to 147 pounds. I know I’m the hardest puncher between ’35 and ’40. I may be the hardest puncher up to ’47”. Romero has an attitude and it seems that it is only a matter of time before he will be at the top “None of ‘em mention me,” Romero said.

“I don’t get mentioned by anybody, but I have just as much clout. I have more clout than half of them. I mean, other than the exceptions – Ryan Garcia having six [million Instagram followers], ‘Tank’ having two [million Instagram followers] and stuff like that.

Me and Teofimo have about the same. But Teofimo, he a friend of mine. “But aside from that, everybody under me, nobody calls me out either way. Nobody above me calls me out, none of ‘em. I call them out. I literally can say whatever I want.

They don’t do anything, because they know if they do anything, it’s gonna end up like, ‘OK, send me the damn contract. I’m waiting. Send me the damn contract.’ And they know I’ll take it because I don’t say no to anybody. I’ll fight anybody”.