Alvarez and Saunders looked great before the match

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Alvarez and Saunders looked great before the match

Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders did the last part of the task professionally. They weighed and faced each other before the big clash in Arlington. They both seemed ready and motivated for a fight that should be talked about for a long time given its importance and the interest of the audience.

Both world champions were below the upper limit of the super middleweight category. The weight of the Mexican superstar showed 75.93, while the Briton was at 76.11 kilograms. Canelo will defend his WBC and WBA titles on this occasion, while Saunders will risk ownership of the WBO belt.

Alvarez is aware of the significance of a match like this and seems to have been preparing for a fight like this for a long time. He will have a difficult task, but given his qualities, Alvarez could win. It's all up to him now "I've been in big fights before and I know how to deal with them.

He's a tough opponent fighting from the counter guard, but at this level of competition you have to know how to adjust to everything." "I'm ready. I expect a tough match and especially in the opening rounds."

, Alvarez announced The British fighter was also confident before the clash, which should be attended by 70,000 fans at the AT&T stadium.


Saunders, as always, has tremendous confidence and believes he can do a lot in the match Given that Saunders have been undefeated since 2008 it will be very difficult, but not impossible.

Alvarez will have to analyze every detail of his opponent if he wants to win and make a big success "I have faith, spirit, and a winning mentality. I didn't come to give up but to win. I don't think Alvarez has ever met a man with so much heart and so much determination."

"This is going to be a good fight. He's a great champion, but to be honest with you, I came here to take all the titles. I haven't lost since 2008. I'm 30-0 and I'm undefeated." "He will have to do something different if he wants to beat me, there is no other way.

If we want to win, we both need to be at our best. And as long as I have my fighting spirit and brain, I think victory will be in my hands, ”Saunders said. The fight between two great fighters is waiting for us soon, and considering their qualities, we will have to be patient and welcome the real spectacle.