Mayweather lost his temper and attacked Jake Paul

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Mayweather lost his temper and attacked Jake Paul

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and YouTube star Logan Paul on Thursday staged a showdown announcing their exhibition boxing match in Miami (June 6), but the real show came when Jake, younger and currently more popular in martial arts circles than the Paul brothers, appeared before the former world champion.

Floyd said at one point that he could beat both brothers on the same night, and shortly thereafter Jake appeared in front of his face trying to arrange their meeting in the ring as well. After a few exchanged words, Jake stole Mayweather's hat, and the boxing legend lost his temper completely the same second.

Floyd chased the famous YouTuber in front of gathered journalists, and according to several media whose representatives witnessed unpleasant scenes, he allegedly managed to give him a few blows. The enraged Mayweather was barely dragged away from the younger Paul, and at one point he could even be heard threatening the social media star with the words, "I'll kill you when I catch you!"

“I stole his hat because he steals people’s money with his boring fights,” Paul wrote in a tweet. In one of the posts that surfaced on his Instagram Story, it was also evident that Jake got a bruise under his eye.

But Paul claims it’s not the result of Mayweather’s punches. "Honestly, I had three easy fights as a professional so I wished for a little real action. One of Floyd's 30 security guards hit me in the eye," Jake explained on Twitter.


Jake Paul continues to provoke and seek attention through the media, probably because such a method works best and increases his popularity through it. The Paul brothers are aware of what good marketing can do and increase their profits.

Right now Jake is trying to take advantage of that, with his provocations he is gaining popularity and that automatically means that he is more interesting to the audience which leads us to the conclusion that with all this he gets more money.

However, sometimes it is not good to provoke such great fighters, because it can cause great anger in them, which leads to great consequences. It will certainly be interesting to watch his brother in the ring with Mayweather, who is the absolute favorite.

But Mayweather, like everything else, is most motivated by money Boxing is turning into what we didn't want, and we hope that there will be some changes in the future