Joshua on Fury: "I'm actually everything he wants to be"

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Joshua on Fury: "I'm actually everything he wants to be"

In his latest verbal attack on Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury commented on his appearance, calling him a bodybuilder and cross fitter, referring to the always flawless physical fitness of the world IBF, WBA, and WBO heavyweight champions.

Although he has no intention of commenting, Joshua decided to answer Fury this time, who is the opposite of him. "That man talks about drinking beer and not being interested in his looks, and he actually wants to be sculpted."

"He says AJ is a good guy, a bodybuilder. It's actually a psychological game. Fury wants to have a 'six-pack' I'm actually everything he wants to be, ”Joshua said during a guest appearance on the“ Deeney Talks ”podcast.

If we compare some recent shots of both of them, it seems like Joshua has kept his form and is constantly in real serious training. On the other hand, it is clear to Fury that he has relaxed over the 15 months that have passed since his win over Deontay Wilder.

Still, it doesn't have to mean anything, since he has already proved to us once how he managed to return to that form from an even worse condition.

Fury's plan

Joshua thinks how Fury is actually trying to portray himself as someone out of shape, and he believes that is some kind of his plan.

"The reason he says he drinks 12 beers a day is because he knows he couldn't do it and fight me. He knows very well how serious this exam is." "So serious that he wants to intentionally make it as small as possible.

That's the thing. But he knows very well what awaits him," Joshua added. The date of their match is still missing. Until recently, there was talk of the beginning or middle of summer, but recently promoter Bob Arum said that it increasingly seems that something like this will not be feasible, which would immediately ruin the idea of ​​two matches this year.

Fury would certainly have enough time to get in the necessary shape, that is, to start training seriously after it is known exactly when and where to enter the ring. Certainly, Fury is already making a good introduction before their fight and seems to be trying to provoke Joshua and get his reaction.

Joshua is a slightly different guy, but we have no doubt that he has a huge desire to win just because of provocations by Fury