Arreola: "The referees don't respect me at all"

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Arreola: "The referees don't respect me at all"

Andy Ruiz Jr. survived a knockdown in the second round and successfully returned to the ring last weekend in California, but also to the winning tracks. The former world champion defeated Chris Arreola in his first match after losing the title, ie the first since December 2019, by a unanimous decision of the judges.

Although this seemed convincing on the cards (117-110, 118-109, 118-109), Ruiz had a more difficult task ahead of him than many expected. "Chris is a veteran and a strong hitter, and today I managed to do what I came for - I grabbed the win.

I was at the very bottom and I needed to climb to the top again." "I am grateful for the win and I am ready for what follows, "Ruiz said after the match, and then looked back at the second round knockdown: "He hit me with a good clean right hand.

I was overconfident and I put my hand down a bit. I take off his hat. We were both constantly pushing forward." "At one point I decided to change and I started focusing on counterattacks and attacks on the body," Andy said

Arreola was angry

The loser from this match also said something about the duel.

Arreola was not at all happy with the scoring after the fight, not so much with the final outcome as with the number of rounds the referees awarded him. "A lot of his punches stayed on my gloves. He never once shook me or put me in a dangerous situation.

If you want to say I lost, that's fine." "But to tell me I only won that one round where I knocked him down. And all the others that I lost? That's bulls*it! I give him a maximum of seven rounds as a person who was in the ring and who knows what was going on there."

"You fuc*ing referees. They don't respect me at all," Arreola told the press conference and added: "I really believe that the referees should wear headphones, not get carried away by the reactions of the audience celebrating and those punches that hit the gloves.

He may have beaten me, but not the way the referees presented it." Of course, most boxing fans share their opinion with Arreola. Arreola was not bad at all, moved well and had a couple of good blows. However, no one knows the reason for such referee decisions. Maybe the name and credibility that Ruiz has?