Andy Ruiz returned to the match and defeated Arreola

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Andy Ruiz returned to the match and defeated Arreola

The boxing duel of American Mexicans under the PBC on FOX organization did not disappoint. Andy Ruiz Jr. and Chris Arreola provided spectators with 12 rounds of eye-pleasing boxing, where the former champion nonetheless proved to be a better and more concrete fighter, despite some problems in the very opening of the match.

Arreola chose the opening rounds of the match as to where he should have the biggest advantage and he succeeded in that. It was confirmed that his lower weight was welcome and he moved great and hit Ruiz, who in the opening minutes seemed to still start his engines.

Until they ignited, Ruiz once ended up on the floor in the second round, although many will say that Arreola's blow was to the back of the head. However, the referees did not react and it was counted. “Destroyer” wakes up after that, especially as his 40-year-old opponent starts to get tired.

He slowly started to take control of the match. It was seen that this way he moved much better, while his hands remained equally fast and unpredictable. Still, we can’t say he took any rounds completely convincingly, as Arreola was constantly in the match and had a lot to offer, constantly keeping Ruiz focused on what was going on in the ring.

This was not the old Arreola, ready to enter into open exchanges at any time. This time he patiently chose the shots and with this more serious approach, he made the match uncertain and completely interesting.

Referee's decision

Ruiz, however, took the lead because of his youth and physical fitness, for which he has much to thank Eddie Reynoso, who made him a different boxer.

The choice of blows, the angles from which he enters the combinations, and the work of his legs, have all been brought to another level and this Ruiz will be a problem for every boxer who does not move enough. Arreola became just like that in the last round and he actually lost the match there.

In the end, the rather convincing referee's decision does not give the impression of how competitive the match was. Two referees scored 118-109, while the card of one was 117-110 in favor of the winner. Arreola was ultimately not happy with the decision, especially the number of rounds the referees awarded him and demanded a rematch.

Ruiz said he doesn’t mind giving it to him, but it looks like his promoters will have different plans for him. There has been talking for some time about Andy’s match against Deontay Wilder. If Wilder manages to be persuaded to do so, it would be a special spectacle, certainly many times bigger than the rematch against Arreola, which was written off in advance, but in the end he showed that he still hasn't said his last in the ring.