Andy Ruiz has lost weight and looks phenomenal before the match with Arreola

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Andy Ruiz has lost weight and looks phenomenal before the match with Arreola

What has been announced in recent months has been confirmed at the weigh-in for Andy Ruiz Jr.’s boxing match and Chris Arreola. The former world champion became completely serious and put his physical condition in order.

Training with Eddie Reynoso was fruitful in that regard, which was finally confirmed at the weigh-in for the match, in which he appeared with 116 kilograms. That’s as much as 12 and a half pounds less than “Destroyer” had in December 2019, when he did a rematch against Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia.

Also, it’s also five pounds less than in the first match against Joshua, in which he made one of the biggest boxing surprises of this century. On the other hand, Arreola's scale showed 103.6, which according to Boxrec's data is the least that Libra has shown him in his entire long-term successful career.

Ruiz feels good

He enters the match as a big outsider after most believed he had already retired. His last match dates back to the summer of 2019 when he was defeated by Adam Kownacki, in the match that brought the most hits in heavyweight history "It's all down to hard work and dedication.

Since I've been working with Canelo and Eddie it's all a matter of discipline. Not just in the ring, but outside of it." "That's why I had to make some changes, and at this weight, I feel just as strong.

I feel phenomenal, "said Ruiz in a very good mood, adding: "I'm faster and more explosive. I can move and counter more. With a big body, I couldn't move well and hit the right way. At this weight, I do everything the way I need to and look forward to seeing how I feel in the ring."

This should be Ruiz's return to the big stage, and depending on the performance in this match, it will be known what should follow him. The match against Deontay Wilder is what is already mentioned quite loudly, but first, it is the turn of Chris Arreola, whose weight shows that he has changed something and that he does not intend to be a passer-by in this match.

Ruiz will have an additional motive to try to beat his opponent, considering that he had his last match in 2019, in which he wasn't really good. Given his weight we can see that Ruiz has decided to dedicate himself to boxing and we have no doubt that he is in great shape