Canelo Alvarez revealed his brother was kidnapped in 2018

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Canelo Alvarez revealed his brother was kidnapped in 2018

Although Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is the nation’s hero in Mexico, it still doesn’t mean his family and Alvarez are always safe there. The best boxer of today was personally convinced of that since he experienced his brother's kidnapping, where the kidnappers demanded a ransom from him in order to release him.

It was in December 2018, the week Canelo was scheduled to do a match against Rocky Fielding, his first match on a $ 365 million contract with DAZN. The same contract was signed by Canelo only two months earlier and it is possible that this was the motivation for the kidnappers to extract some money from him.

"It was 2018, the Monday before the match, and I was on the phone. I was negotiating my brother's release. I negotiated with the kidnappers for three days to let him go," ESPN quoted Canel's words from the In Depth with Graham Bensinger show, which will be broadcasted this weekend.

Of course, the whole event disrupted his week in which he had to fight, but he managed to sort out his thoughts and eventually register a victory.

They were never discovered

He defeated Fielding with a stoppage in the third round, thus defending the super middleweight title.

He had no more problems with the kidnappers, who were never discovered. "After they let him go I was still thinking what if it was my daughter, father, or mother, it would have been even harder for me. Besides, I had a match on Saturday, I had to do thousands of interviews and no one knew what was wrong with me ."

"I was doing the work through my cousin. I would tell him what to say to the kidnappers, and then he would pass on their messages to me until we agreed on everything, "Alvarez gave more details about how the negotiations went, while he was in New York.

Canelo returns to the ring on May 8, and he will have a new Cinco de Mayo match. This time he will have Billy Joe Saunders against him, a very serious opponent. The undefeated British boxer brings a WBO title to the match, to which he will try to add Canel's WBA, WBC, and The Ring.

Alvarez looks ready for the match and is the favorite in this clash. It is also certain that Alvarez is ready as always and that it will also be very difficult for his opponent