Tyson Fury wants to provoke Joshua via Instagram

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Tyson Fury wants to provoke Joshua via Instagram

While the final negotiations on the match, ie the matches between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, are still ongoing, the boxers have no choice but to train and wait for a decision. More impatient in this case certainly seems to be Fury, who has repeatedly called out all the participants in the negotiations and demanded that the remaining items be resolved as soon as possible.

Within that came a new series of his provocations and the comments of those who reached for the mention of his name. So, via "Instastory" posts on his Instagram profile, he first addressed Francis Ngannou, announcing that he could be defeated whenever he wants, and he had something to say to WWE star Drew McIntyre.

But then something most interesting happened "When I'm in a series like this, I'm going to call out another person. A big useless bum, a man who's not a real fighter but the result of hype, a bodybuilder, a cross fitter, and a big ugly asshole, that's Anthony Joshua," Fury began addressing Joshua, immediately continuing.

"AJ, if you're out there, let's make this fight up, you ba*tard. I'm gonna smash your face and there's nothing you can do about it. Prove me wrong su*er, prove me wrong! I'm number one and you know it!"

Another story

However, that was not all.

Somewhat late, Fury published another “story” with an intriguing promise to his opponent. "I was thinking AJ, if you last more than three rounds against me, I'll quit in the corner. I'm so confident taking you cold out within the first two, three rounds.

Out, out like a light switch." We hope that the teams of these two boxers will soon finally sort everything out, after which absolutely all the information should be known, including the one that is most important to all of us, the date of their first fight.

Fury has already started with "trash-talk" and it seems that his goal is to provoke Anthony Joshua and get his feedback. But given Joshua's character, we doubt Fury will get any response. He will get the clearest answer in the ring if Joshua is in the right rhythm that night.

Whether this trash talk is actually a way to get attention and promote the fight in the best possible way, we still don't know, but we know that these two fighters will surely give us a great match that will be talked about for a long time.