Match between Mayweather and Logan Paul has been officially confirmed!

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Match between Mayweather and Logan Paul has been officially confirmed!

The story that rolled again last week got its sequel. The new exhibition match of former world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been officially confirmed! One of the best boxers in history returns to the ring on June 6 at an event to be held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Mayweather's opponent on this occasion will be the famous YouTuber Logan Paul, otherwise the brother of Jake Paul, who after the knockout victory over Ben Askren became a ubiquitous topic in martial arts circles. Mayweather, 44, and Paul, 18, announced their meeting in December.

The first idea was to fight in February, but those plans eventually fell through. Last week, however, this story became topical again, with June 5 mentioned as the date, but in the end, an agreement was reached to cross the gloves exactly one day later.

The reason? A representative of Showtime explained to MMA Fighting that with the new date they are avoiding coincidence with another boxing event, the one where we will be watching Teofimp Lopez and George Kambosos Jr.

Hard Rock Stadium

Since the fight between Floyd and Logan will take place in Florida, the arrival of fans at full capacity will be allowed.

Of course, unless some new precautions emerge in the meantime. But, if everything remains as it is, let's mention that Hard Rock Stadium can accommodate more than 65 thousand fans ... Some details, such as the number of rounds, we still don't know, but let's mention that last week there was information that Mayweather will not be allowed to weigh more than 72.6 kilograms, while the upper limit for a noticeably bigger Paul will be 86.2.

This, we emphasize, will be an exhibition. By the way, as a professional, Mayweather retired with a perfect 50-0, while Logan has only one match behind him, and that is the one in which he lost to his fellow YouTube player known by the nickname KSI by a divided decision of the referees.

Most believe that this fight is an insult to boxing and that with this fight Mayweather will fall in the eyes of his fans. However, it seems that money is what drives athletes, and that money is the main motivator, so money decides who will fight with whom.

Mayweather is the absolute favorite, and no one doubts that he will win this match, but let's wait, because who knows what is happening behind the screen