Joseph Parker maximally dedicated before the match with Chisora

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Joseph Parker maximally dedicated before the match with Chisora

Joseph Parker is facing a match with Dereck Chisor on Saturday, who lost to Usyk a few months ago. Parker believes that Chisora is a serious opponent and that he will have to box at the top level in order to win “I feel like he is still a threat, I feel like he has a lot to give to the heavyweight division still,” Parker told talkSPORT.

“But my goal is to stop him; my goal is to beat him and move onto bigger and better fights. But I am fully focused on putting on a good performance. “I know he is going to bring pressure, I know he is going to throw a lot of combinations and punches which is what he does.

Parker believes that his youth will be what will make a difference, but also his speed and movement “I think at this stage of his career he’s throwing a lot more punches in fights than before. So he has got a lot to give, but I feel I’ve got youth on my side and good speed and good movement.

“With the things Andy has been teaching me, sometimes we look great in the gym and we don’t put it on display on fight night. But if I take what I’ve been doing in the gym and put it on display on fight night.

It can be a great night for us”.

Texting with Fury

Tyson Fury considered Andy Lee an exceptional fighter with whom Parker would prepare for the match “At this stage in my career, I feel it is important to try something else and see how it will work,” he said.

“So I gave Tyson Fury a text and asked him for his advice and then he suggested that Andy Lee would be a great match for me in terms of training. “He is not only a great trainer, but he is also a great teacher as well."

"So one thing led to another, we had three or four Zoom calls to meet each other and figure out what the schedule was going to look like and what kind of programme we were going to be doing. The decision to listen Fury’s advice seems to have been a great one and he is happy with the training “Six or seven days later, I was flying to Ireland to meet him for the first time and then to get into training because we had this fight date, which we were looking at locking in.

“Once we locked it in, I was already in Ireland training at the start of a new programme with a new team and a new coach. “It’s been great, I’ve never had a training relationship like it. This is the first time we were able to do some training together.

“It’s been awesome; he is great, has a positive energy and he works very hard. We had training with Tyson in Manchester. “It’s a great training environment to be in”.