Cormier on Paul: "I wanted to grab his face, but I'd get into trouble with the UFC"

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Cormier on Paul: "I wanted to grab his face, but I'd get into trouble with the UFC"

Daniel Cormier explained in detail why and how his discussion with Jake Paul came about. The former UFC champion, and now retired fighter, was one of the main stories of UFC 261 last weekend. 'DC', let us remind you, worked in Jacksonville as a commentator, but at one point he left his position and went to talk with a famous YouTuber.

"The character is mugging and waving at me, and I wonder - so what the hell is going on here? This 24-year-old kid is teasing me. Yeah, he's teasing me like a troll," Cormier begins his story in ESPN's DC & Helwani show.

“This guy is a jerk, I have to tell him something,” Daniel continued, revealing that he had asked the producers to give him a two-minute break. It all took place before the start of that PPV part of the show.

Cormier did not then explain why he actually needed a break, he just said he had to step away from the commentary position for two minutes. "And so I go up to him and he kind of leans over like we're going to talk, and he keeps his hands in his pockets.

I told him, 'Hey, I'm not going to play your games. Don't mess with me. I'm not some kid you can play with." "Don't mention my name anymore. ' I told him that, and then when suddenly the security and other people came together, he started playing the big guy.

I repeat to him, 'I'm not going to play your games. You're going to get hurt if you keep teasing." "I'm not going to fight you and I'm not going to participate in these public tricks. ' Then he replies, 'Well, you're the one who first mentioned my name.'

Look, don't play alone, I'm not some kid. "

Physical confrontation

Although it seemed tense at times, Cormier managed to control himself and thus avoid a physical confrontation. "I wanted to grab his face, but I'd get into trouble with the UFC.

I wanted to grab him and nail him to the floor, but I can't do that at my job." "That would bring me a lot of trouble. He's talking about me signing some contract? So what are you talking about? There is no contract.

Listen, that's how you can talk to certain people, but not all people. " 'DC' then spoke about how realistic it is to see their fight one day. "Why would I box with Jake Paul? Well, I don't have to chase anyone, I made my money as a heavyweight world champion.

I don't need to chase money. That kid is looking for a fight?" "OK, he can, but it will be by MMA rules. He won't use my name as a springboard. I love my legacy and I will protect it. And if that means I have to protect it by slapping this kid, then I will do it, "Cormier concluded.