Tyson is addicted to marijuana?

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Tyson is addicted to marijuana?

The recent announcement that Mike Tyson is returning to the ring has delighted, but also surprised fans of the tribal skill. It is well known that Mike did not put boxing gloves on his fists for a whole decade and a half, primarily due to oversaturation.

He could no longer be in that world, he retired and devoted himself to other jobs. And he became, it seems, equally successful. So now he is gladly seen in Hollywood and many film productions there, and since 2018, when California allowed the use and sale of marijuana and products from that plant, he has turned to a new business.

Not to go into details, he is definitely doing great. Matured, happy and cleansed of the many torments that ate at his mind as he fought, he decided to share it with the world. The way he knows best - boxing. So he opted for a charity match with perhaps the most complete fighter of all time, multiple champion in multiple categories, Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson is 54, Jones is four years younger, but they still act as "killers", and they are seriously preparing. The match is scheduled for September 12, but the first serious obstacle appeared.

Tyson and marijuana

WADA, that is, the World Anti-Doping Agency, intervened and asked to take samples from them, even though it is not a competitive match.

According to the story, Tyson told them that they could take a walk, since he consumes his products every day and has no intention of stopping. And even if he stopped now, he would have to "clean up" for at least a month in order to pass the test.

And that is a question since he is an everyday enjoyer practically from a young age. "I have to use her because I'm an animal. She calms me down, connects my thoughts, cools my crazy head. If it weren't for her I would either kill myself or kill myself, or both!

I don't understand why anyone would mind me using marijuana, in what "It's a problem. They say it's harmful, but do you know how many people killed, beat or ran over someone under the influence of weed in America last year? Zero.

And alcohol because ... It's proven to be healing," Tyson said.
In essence, it is also right because marijuana, except for disciplines that require calmness and concentration, such as shooting, certainly does not improve the results, as it negatively affects the speed of reaction and motor skills.

On the contrary, it is not clear why WADA still keeps it on the list of banned substances. Tyson once fell for doping control on cannabis, back in 2002, after a match in which he literally broke Andrej Golota's skull with a blow.

The Pole, until then one of the best heavyweights in the ring, had to hang his gloves on a peg due to the severity of the injury. While Tyson was deprived of victory due to "doping" It seems that WADA will give up its intention, because there is really no need to get involved in this. It is a humanitarian goal, not a pursuit of earnings and an audience.