Eddie Hearn is fully committed to the final deal of the Fury-Joshua match

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Eddie Hearn is fully committed to the final deal of the Fury-Joshua match

We are all looking forward to the boxing spectacle between Fury and Joshua that will most likely take place in Saudi Arabia. Eddie Hearn, who is also the promoter of this fight, says that Fury is completely interested in the fight, just like Joshua "I bumped into Fury in Vegas and he reassured me that he's all-in," Joshua's promoter Hearn told Sky Sports News.

"There are lots of characters involved - some are not so involved but still have comments to make. "I wanted to see Fury because you see interviews from various people and I had started to doubt that he actually wanted the fight.

I felt that he did. "When we met up, he made me feel that he really wants this fight. "'Let's get this done, it's the only fight that I want' "He's bang up for this fight and so is Joshua."


As Hearn says both fighters have signed a contract to fight but there are some more details that need to be agreed "People doubted we would achieve the site fee. We have achieved that. Now we have to make sure the fighters are happy with the contractual position from the site, which is straightforward and is something we've done before.

"It is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. "We're in a strong position. Both fighters have signed the contract to fight. Both fighters have agreed to an offer from a site. There is little time left until the final agreement and it seems that there will be no major obstacles that could ruin the agreement.

"There were loads of calls at the weekend and last night to finalise the contract, longform, for the site. "Time is of the essence. "Literally, we are in the second or third round of the final site longform agreement.

Hopefully, this week, we can be in a position where it is all done. "It's never done until the ink is dry but there are no obstacles to overcome, except to finalise the paperwork and get it announced. Eddie Hearn doesn't seem to be thinking about Plan B.

"I've not seen a fight fall through at this stage before. "We're on the verge now. But we still have to finish the job and that's the plan for this week. "There is no Plan B. I'm a guy who loves to have a Plan B.

But all our eggs are in this basket." The possibility remains open for UK fans to attend the fight overseas, Hearn hopes. "That's something that we're talking about with the site," he said. There is still an opportunity for UK fans to attend this fight "A lot of international sites that stage major events will invest huge money to showcase their city as a point of tourism.

It's important for them to do that. "You hope at the end of July, early August, that corridor to the Middle East will be open. "But it's not a necessity for the fight to take place."