Chris Arreola: "Ruiz should worry more about his boxing than his physique"

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Chris Arreola: "Ruiz should worry more about his boxing than his physique"

Andy Ruiz and Chris Arreola will be in the ring soon. Both fighters are known for often not adhering to discipline and they knew how to weigh a lot more than necessary. However, Chris Arreola believes that weight is not so important and that Ruiz should focus on his boxing skills more than weight.

“Boxing is not a bodybuilding sport. It doesn't matter if you have a f------ body like Tarzan. If you fight like Jane, who cares? Personally, I think he should worry more about his boxing than his physique,” said Arreola, as quoted by boxingscene “Who cares about what people say if you look fat? All that matters is that you get the win."

"I was once that guy who had s--- talked about his weight. Every time. All that matters is that you come in with a good performance. If he could do both, that would be great. My job is to prevent that from happening”.

Arreola coach Joe Goossen is aware that his fighter will not have an easy task against Ruiz, who he believes will be more prepared than ever, and that he has never been so dedicated to a match. “Andy Ruiz is going to be as sharp as he’s ever been, if not better than ever.

I’m not looking for edges, I know what I know. He’s with a great trainer." "He’s rededicated himself, or else Eddy wouldn’t have even bothered coaching him,” said Goossen.


Arreola believes the collaboration between Ruiz and Reynoso should be excellent, given the qualities they both possess.

Reynoso is a well-known coach with great experience who will surely guide his fighter to the right path. However, Reynoso will not be the one to fight, so it is up to Ruiz to listen to Reynoso's advice or not. “It looks like it should be a good marriage.

At the end of the day it's up to Andy if he makes it work or not. The trainer is going to be there. The trainer is going to work." "So it's up to you if you want to do it or not,” said Arreola. “It's boxing.

If I'm not ready for his hand speed, then I'm going to go bye-bye. I'm going to go to sleep. I'm always ready for whatever comes. Hand speed. Power. He has both, so I have to be ready for both”. Both fighters, Arreola and Ruiz are great and surely both of them will put on a real spectacle for the spectators.