Xander Zayas: "I started boxing at 5 because I was bullied"

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Xander Zayas: "I started boxing at 5 because I was bullied"

Strange news appeared in the media. Xander Zayas' mother discovered that Zayas was bullied when he was 5 years old and his mother decided to take him to a local boxing gym afterward Boxing scene journalists wanted to examine the reliability of this information and talked to Zayas about it, but also about other topics.

"I was getting bullied at five years old,” he confirmed, as quoted by boxingscene “Man, it was a rough neighborhood back in Puerto Rico,” he said. “I grew up over there and since five I was a victim of bullying, then I learned how to defend myself”.

"I never used it against my bullies because I didn't see the reason why,” he said. “Yeah, they did it to me, but I don't feel like I had to do it back to them. So I didn't use it against them; I just learned how to defend myself and was always ready if somebody wanted to bully me or try to attack me”.

"It was a lot of discipline I put in the gym,” he said. “I still do, and I believe that when you have discipline, you don't have to show anybody that you're better than them at what you do. You let them know that you're the best with the work you put in the gym”.


He revealed that he had a fear of leaving the house because of it, but that he overcame that fear after he started training boxing “My confidence was a hundred percent boosted up,” Zayas said. “I didn't want to go out and play and have fun like a regular kid before boxing."

"But after I knew that I was able to defend myself and I was able to stand up for myself, I went out and I played and I was just a regular kid”. How did his mother react? “She wouldn’t go running after people with the shoe,” Zayas laughs.

“I don't think my mom would ever put her hands on another kid, but she would definitely put her hands on me if I didn't defend myself”. Zayas wants no one to be a victim of violence anymore, and now he wants to be the one to emphasize anti-bullying “Back in May of last year, we made a message with a lot of athletes about anti-bullying, and it's something that means a lot because a lot of people are going through it and kids are losing their lives on a regular basis or not being happy with who they are because of bullies,” said Zayas.

“So it means a lot to me to get my story out and let them know that with hard work, dedication and goals, and a lot of support, anything is possible”.