Jake Paul: "I'm not interested in losers like Ben Askren"

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Jake Paul: "I'm not interested in losers like Ben Askren"

It’s hard to conclude what Jake Paul has been saying lately is true, and what is just some of his fiction or a way to find himself in the media. But his latest statement, or a post on Twitter, could end up being very controversial if they are true.

Namely, it seems that Ben Askren and he agreed to meet at Ben's home field after boxing. At least that can be deduced from today's Jake's Twitter post, in which he revealed how the wrestling match was supposed to happen since they had agreed so, but that he was no longer really interested in it at all.

Paul didn't choose his words and reacted rather rudely, which surprised many fans and his followers. Paul seemed to want to show his narcissism with this Twitter and thus inflate his ego, although, in fact, he was showing that he had broken his word and that he was not a man of trust.

Big ego and big self-confidence have helped many athletes, but equally the same thing has been able to ruin many careers. "What I love about power is having the ability to put people on and choosing not to. Ben and I were supposed to have a wrestling PPV match after their fight which would have easily generated millions of dollars I'm choosing not to do it anymore because he’s a fuc*ing loser"- Pau wrote on his Twitter


Paul wrestled like his brother Logan in high school, but a wrestling tatami would certainly be too much for him when it comes to fighting Askren, and it can be assumed that the former Olympian would make a kind of the second version of what he experienced in the boxing ring last weekend.

But if that was really the deal, that is, if Askren was supposed to get a chance to fight Paul back at home, this is an extremely incorrect move by Jake Paul. We repeat, if it is true, that is, if they actually agreed. As we have stated, these days we do not know what to believe him and what not, at least until Askren responds with an answer to this.

Maybe this could be just an introduction to something new between the two of them, and this twitter would actually be just warming up the field before the main one. But these are conspiracy theories nonetheless and we will not take any news with certainty