Jake Paul this time in conflict with Daniel Cormier

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Jake Paul this time in conflict with Daniel Cormier

The scenes seen after the match between Jake Paul and Ben Askren annoyed Daniel Cormier quite a bit. This especially refers to the behavior towards Tyron Woodley, who was in Askren's corner, and who eventually came to Paul's locker room to express a desire to be his next opponent.

After that Paul and his team were without any respect. They laughed Daniel Cormier didn't like that, and after that he reacted via Twitter, mentioning by the way boxer J’Leon Love, who sided with Paul. Love was part of Paul’s team, he was in his corner, and in the end, he was one of those who treated Woodley badly.

"I mean the way this dude talked to T- wood makes my skin crawl. All these kids are going to get taught a lesson I swear. " "And I can’t wait for it,. J'Leon Love, you can’t fight. Better respect dudes like TWooodley before he puts his hands on you.

He ain’t Ben!"
Cormier wrote, for Jake Paul’s response to come quickly. "Okay fat boy. So me vs you & J vs. T.??" Paul wrote to Cormier in response, asking Woodley to fight the Love.

Cormier answered

But Cormier quickly calmed.

Not because he wouldn’t like to charge Paul all his words, but above all, because he doesn’t see the point in such a fight. "That guy would never fight me because I would kill him. Why would I ever fight someone like that? My reaction to everything was like that because I can't stand that guy."

"But who beats weaker and smaller than himself? I am a man who is in the Hall of Fame, who held two world titles at the same time." "I will not go down to the level of a YouTuber who says that I am fighting against him.

I want him to fight Tyron. I want him to fight someone real, not Ben Askren at 86 pounds, "Cormier said on ESPN, adding another suggestion: "Fight a middleweight fighter, fight Luke Rockhold. I want to see you against Luke or someone like that."

"Do that match and then I won't just say you have basic skills, I'll say you're a real fighter. Right now you're just someone who pretends to be such. " Cormier of course has no desire to return to fighting, as he enjoys his job at the UFC and at ESPN.

But he admits that Paul has quite managed to irritate him with his way of expressing himself. But it will be enough pleasure for him to be punished by one of his fellow MMA fighters.