Ben Askren thinks he deserved to be mocked for his defeat by Paul

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Ben Askren thinks he deserved to be mocked for his defeat by Paul

Although he had a smile on his face when he left the ring, the smile disappeared when he had to give his impressions and answer questions from interested journalists. And the first one was not easy to receive. It was about how he felt knowing that the martial arts community would not be very merciful to him after a defeat like this.

"I probably deserved all the mockery I get. I was knocked out by Jake Paul, it's a shame." "I didn't let the MMA community down, I let the whole world down. People hate Jake Paul and wanted to see me make him miserable, and I didn't."

"So, I'm aware that I let everyone down, "said Askren, answering questions from the media after the match, immediately describing his end and where he thinks he made a mistake.


Askren focused too much on some other things and it seems that he was not completely concentrated and dedicated to the fight, which in the end resulted in Paul's victory.

"I heard my coach tell me I was too obsessed with his fakes and that was the beginning of the end." "I probably shouldn't have reacted like that, and if the referee had let me have a little more clinching, it would probably have helped me.

But I have no excuses, this was a boxing match. " He was also asked if this meant the end of his martial arts career and what are his next plans. “I will go home with a million dollars and teach wrestling. I do not care.

Pizza is waiting for me at the hotel, I'll eat it." "Then I will fly home, be with my children, and already on Monday in wrestling training, "said Askren, which would lead to the conclusion that he did not close the book, but that he would need a good financial offer to reactivate.

He is still asked if he has an idea against whom he would like to see Paul in the next match. He chose his training partner, who was also in his corner this time, a former UFC champion. "I wish Tyron Woodley would fight him, to beat him up.

But Tyron wants an Oscar for De La Hoya. He's definitely a better boxer than me and would be my first choice," Ben expressed his wish. Askren made a lot of money and certainly if an offer like this comes along, we could see him in the ring again