Jake Paul wants Nate Diaz as his next opponent

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Jake Paul wants Nate Diaz as his next opponent

After the win he recorded against Ben Askren, Jake Paul became a hot commodity. During the day, he was given various nicknames, both from professional boxers and from former or current UFC fighters. They would all like to feel what the match against him brings, especially from the financial point of view.

And after a performance like this against Askren, Paul’s actions are definitely growing. And as those calls came, Paul decided not to answer any. He decided to call out a fighter who did not respond. UFC star Nate Diaz, for a match against which he immediately released a forecast.

“Nate Diaz will be knocked out in the third round,” Jake wrote on Twitter, presumably trying to get the popular fighter to react. Paul has been calling out Conor McGregor for some time, and during this week he claimed the match against him wasn’t really far off.

McGregor is interesting to every fighter and every fighter knows what fighting him brings. In addition to the fact that this match would be watched by a large number of people, such a match would bring huge money for both of them, which is certainly their primary goal considering how much the fighters' focus is on money.

Nate Diaz

As he did not receive any reaction from the Irishman, he decided to switch to his big rival, who could react to the smell of money brought by the match against Paul. Nate’s only reaction to the show was to congratulate his friend Regis Prograis on his win against Ivan Redkach.

Still, Paul has every right to hope for an answer to the prediction of their match. After all, Nate likes to use social networks and to promote himself with them. He is currently waiting for a match that he would like and that would satisfy him financially.

Paul has every right to hope that he is the one, although the question is how serious he is in wanting to try out against a fighter whose boxing is at a much higher level than anyone he has met so far. Nate Diaz would be a bigger danger to Paul, but Paul seems to be more motivated than ever and there is no opponent he fears.

It would be interesting if Diaz agreed to a fight in which there is a great chance that he would win. But today nothing can surprise us, including Paul's victory in the match against Diaz.