Ben Askren knocked out in a match against Jake Paul!

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Ben Askren knocked out in a match against Jake Paul!

Jake Paul did what he announced. He said, at a press conference on Thursday, that Ben Askren would not last longer than two rounds in the ring and he was right. In fact, the job ended with the first combination to find the head of a former MMA fighter.

The left direct to which Paul connected the right crochet was too much for Askren, a fighter who has received various bombs from the best MMA fighters in the world throughout his career. But what Paul did to him he failed to endure.

He fell after the right crochet and got up and tried to continue the match, but the referee did not allow him to do so. The shot made next to the ring, which is being aired on portals, social networks, and forums this morning, can best show you what kind of blow it is.

On the other hand, there are a large number of those who believe that Ben Askren came to take his half a million dollars and such largely believe that the outcome of the match was agreed in advance, all with the aim of raising Paul's value before some matches planned for the near future.

Askren was uninterested

Such people are definitely supported by the video, in which Askren walks towards the locker room in the company of his family and with a smile on his face. He left the ring immediately after the proclamation and did not witness the emotional and very fierce celebration of his opponent.

It seems that Ben Askren did not prepare for this match at all, which was evident enough in his movement in the ring, but also in his physical appearance.

Both before the match and during the match, Askren looked uninterested, as if he did not have the will to come to the match at all.

Many believe that the goal of Askren was to take the money and move on with life, but there is also the option of a deal with Paul that many also believe in. Askren was not the fighter we are used to watching, and if he is in the right shape, and if he had prepared adequately, he would have been a big favorite.

But it seems that money is the main priority in sports today, and everything else is not so important. It will be interesting to find out the next fighter who will fight Paul and whether Paul can continue his series?

If he continues like this, he could have a great career, but the question is how "reliable" these victories are.