Tyson Fury wants to roast Francis Ngannou

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Tyson Fury wants to roast Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou’s guest appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast led to one interesting situation. Namely, the UFC heavyweight champion spoke about his boxing ambitions, revealing that after a few more MMA fights he plans to move to the boxing ring.

After all, he intended to do boxing when he came to France from Cameroon, but by chance, he ended up in the MMA hall, and you probably know the rest very well. Aside from his boxing ambitions, Ngannou has revealed that the boxer he would love to enter the ring against would be Tyson Fury.

The WBC world champion could have been flattered by that, but he reacted in a slightly different way. He decided to post a photo of Tyson and Ngannou, which “Iron Mike” shared shortly before, with significant commentary.

"MikeTyson after I smash Anthony Joshua I’ll roast that guy also." "Francis Ngannou easy work. "- Fury wrote on Twitter

Ngannou answered to the Fury

As Ngannou has been quite active on social media lately, he did not miss this, so the answer followed.

He shared a photo of Fury from the match against Otto Wallin. It is that match between two fights with Deontay Wilder, in which the "Gypsy King" suffered a major cut. "If this guy did this to you, what do you think I would do?" - Ngannou wrote next to the mentioned photo in response to the above-mentioned Fury's post.

This match is currently far from any realistic possibilities, as they both have jobs in their primary sports. But it’s interesting to see how they build the story for a possible fight in the future. Who knows, anything is actually possible, especially if Ngannou defends the heavyweight title several times in his famous way.

Then his going to boxing wouldn’t really be anything unrealistic or exaggerated to anyone. In fact, everyone there would probably like to see him then. In today’s world of sports, we can see many cases where athletes want to try to build a career in another sport.

In most cases, such cases go badly and it is not easy to change just such already developed habits. Fury will first have to wait for the fight with Joshua, if it happens at all, and only then think about further plans, but it would certainly be strange but also interesting if Ngannou had a fight with Fury. They are both really great fighters in their sports