Tyson Fury: "We are one step closer to a final agreement"

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Tyson Fury: "We are one step closer to a final agreement"

Tyson Fury contacted the boxing public with “big news” and revealed that he has “three or four big offers” on the table for the location where his spectacular clash with Anthony Joshua should take place.

Nothing has been agreed or officially yet about that fight, but Fury's report inspires optimism especially after the statements made a few days ago by his father John. "There is no money! No one wants to pay that much money to fight without an audience ...

Only the Saudis have the money, but they didn't jump right in to make this happen either. Did they?" "I'll tell you why: this is a completely wrong time for this, the time is wrong, "John told Boxing Social.

But we hope that the older Fury simply, like most fans, has experienced so much procrastination about this deal and that in fact these days we can finally witness some positive and concrete moves. And that things are still going in that direction could be deduced from Tyson's new tweet, through which he said that he would consider the prepared offers this weekend.

"Let's start with some big news. Three or four big offers are on the table. There is interest from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Russia, America, England - there are some big, big offers on the table. I will review them during Sunday and I hope that we’re going to arrange a big fight and that I’m going to beat that useless bum, ”Fury said.

Cejudo vs Mayweather

To the unusual boxing fights in 2021, we may have to add the one between former two-time UFC champion Henry Cejudo and one of the best boxers in history - Floyd Mayweather Jr. This ‘maybe’ is actually a key part of this story as currently ‘Triple C’ is the only one claiming that this match should see the light of day.

Cejudo announced this duel as a fight of gold and bronze Olympians, and the imagination of those who would like to see this match was additionally tickled by the announcement of Dana White, who met a few days ago with Mayweather and Rizin leader Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

Henry, let us remind you, has not fought since he defeated Dominic Cruz in May 2020 and on that occasion defended his belt from the bantamweight category. Mayweather, on the other hand, has not entered the ring since the last day of 2018 when he held an exhibition match in which he stopped Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshina Nasukawa.

Of course, this post should be taken with a big caution because Cejudo is known for posting all kinds of ideas and comments on social networks ...