Jake Paul: "I'll make history remember you as the worst UFC fighter."

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Jake Paul: "I'll make history remember you as the worst UFC fighter."

There is very little time left until April 17 and the boxing match between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. While it is clear that the chances are not so big that we will see some high level of boxing, the match is intriguing because of its entire background and thus the story that was created, which made Askren a representative of the entire MMA scene.

On the other hand, he has a YouTube star who has already earned fame and money with his behavior and scenes, so it is not surprising that he managed to sell this match just as well. Jake, however, is not the most popular member of his family and is still below his brother Logan in the “mainstream” world.

And it was with Logan when Ben Askren was a guest on the podcast when a message came from his younger and more successful brother Paul in boxing. "You think this is a fuc**** game, you think this is a fun opportunity to make money and make some impact.

Maybe you're right. But I promise you, April 17th will be the worst day of your life."

Jake's message

"As I said Nate Robinson's children not to watch the match, I will also ask your children. Ben's children and wife, please don't watch this because your dad will be bloody and unconscious on the floor.

You don't want to watch it on April 17." -was a Jake's message, which continued in the same tone: "I mean, you've already seen him knocked out in five seconds by Masvidal. Your kids are probably going to school where other kids make fun of them since their dad was knocked out in five seconds.

And now he's going to be knocked out by Jake Paul. Please, leave those children alone. " Jake did not manage to have a big effect on Askren even during their official press conference, so this time too Ben greeted everyone with a smile and with a few comments.

And the above was not really all that his opponent told him that way. "Ben, you fu**ed up the moment you accepted this match. This time I promise my team, my family, my brother who's out there with you, and everyone else, I'll make history remember you as the worst UFC fighter in history."

"You're stupid. Iw ill show everyone what a bit*h you are on April 17. In fact, I'll make you my bit*h," Paul said in a "trash talk" tone.