Hearn wants Joshua and Fury to show optimism about the fight

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Hearn wants Joshua and Fury to show optimism about the fight

The last posts or statements of Tyson Fury and his father John seemed pessimistic. John looked especially worried while making his final impressions about arranging his son’s match against Anthony Joshua. He does not believe that the match can be arranged at the moment, that is, that there is someone who is willing to invest the necessary money for a match that will take place without an audience.

His son also seems to have lost patience, as he wants to have everything agreed on by April 10th. On the other hand, the main organizer of the whole show and the promoter of Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn, is not worried. It was in the middle of recent events when he was contacted by Sky Sport, revealing how things currently stand and what can be expected.

"By the end of the week, both fighters and their camps will get offers or options on the table. And there will be a few. I think we're in a good situation right now. I've seen John Fury's comments. Looks like they don't want that fight to take place.

I'd rather they show a little optimism and try to raise enthusiasm, instead of lowering it, "Hearn said with criticism, adding: "We are aware that it is a global pandemic, we are aware that it is not easy, but we do our best every day to do it.

So a little support from John and Tyson would come in very handy."


He also confirmed that offers for boxers are currently being prepared, which are agreed on, on the basis of offers from potential hosts of the match.

With the settlement of costs, he is convinced, there should be no problems and he wants the remaining parties to leave it to him and to take care of what is in their domain. "As I said, everyone will get three or four offers as early as this weekend.

And then we'll discuss which option suits us all best. It's about the dates of the fight." "All the conditions remain the same. Two fights this year, the first in the summer. That. is what we are working on and I am convinced as always that we will succeed in it."

"I know there are negative people who do not want us to succeed in this but this is something we have been dealing with all our lives. In the summer you will see this fight. The next step is to agree on the venue and date, and they will have some very good options."

"There is no other fight for Tyson Fury, just as there is no other fight for Anthony Joshua, "he reaffirmed his view of the situation.