Logan Paul thinks a match against his brother would be one of the biggest

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Logan Paul thinks a match against his brother would be one of the biggest

The boxing match to be held on April 17 by Jake Paul and Ben Askren is one of the most mentioned martial arts events this month. The thriller spectacle led by the two of them will bring financial success with no doubt. Regardless of the fact that YouTuber and former wrestler and MMA fighter will be in the ring, people will want to watch that match and no one doubts it anymore.

Jake's better-known and more successful older brother, Logan, believes in their success. But he has an idea around a match that would achieve even bigger success. A match between the two of them! "I'm a showman, and Jake is a showman.

We've already had a rivalry on YouTube that no one has come close to and I doubt they ever will. Our song where we 'diss' each other has about 300 million views." "We were two brothers who don't like each other online.

I think we could make the same effect if we fought each other. I'm willing to say that Logan Paul vs. Jake Paul would be one of the biggest, most spectacular, and best-selling matches in the history of martial arts," Logan Paul said and his statement is transmitted by Boxing Scene.

When he mentioned "diss", it was as if he had already started working on boxing. Namely, in a recent interview for TMZ, he belittled the boxing skills of his brother, who had tried it before him.

Jake on his brother

The statement referred to Logan's plans around the match with Floyd Mayweather.

The same was agreed upon and then postponed and it is currently unknown when it could happen. "My brother is a fake fighter, I'm a real fighter. He's 0-1-1, I'm 3-0. I wish him all the best, but I wouldn't go into the ring with someone who has never been knocked out.

Mayweather ended on the floor only once and that is by accident, ”Jake said that way. Having already mentioned the ratio, Jake is actually at a 2-0 professional ratio, while Logan is at 0-1. One of Logan's matches was amateur, as was Jake's.

And these professionals matches also happened against boxers whose quality is questionable. Someone who is in martial art like Ben Askren, regardless of the fact that boxing is actually the weakest part of his MMA skills, will only be a real exam that will show how good and talented Jake is in the ring.