Ryan Garcia wants to continue his career in MMA

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Ryan Garcia wants to continue his career in MMA

22-year-old Ryan Garcia very quickly became a big boxing star. His youth and boxing style were in his favor and the fact that he recorded the same number of victories in 21 matches, of which 18 by knockout, confirms that this guy really has the necessary combination of talent and quality.

With the victory in the last match, when he got out of a difficult situation and finally knocked out former gold Olympian Luke Campbell, it became clear that he could be one of the biggest boxing stars in the next ten or more years.

Will it really be that way? If we believe what Garcia said during his Fierce Talk podcast, in which his guest was Ben Askren, boxing fans might be unpleasantly surprised. "I want to tell you something this way. Ben, I've never said this on the TV, but I've always said I'm going to retire at 26.

Now you're all looking at me like I'm crazy, aren't you? But I'm going to do it, so I could go to MM ”Garcia said, looking very serious as he said it.

Askren was surprised

Askren, who was visiting Garcia to announce his boxing match against Jake Paul, was also surprised.

Ryan then announced to him that in the transition between sports, he would also need his services. "I'm going to need you to teach me some wrestling techniques before I just try to throw myself into it. To start with a bit of wrestling, and then we'll see about that," Garcia announced to Askren We can’t know if Garcia was joking this way, since he had Askren on the road or really thinking about such a move.

If we take into account the fact that MMA training is much harder and that the boxing champions of this biggest star still earn better than the best MMA fighters in the world, we can assume that there is not much seriousness in what he says.

But who knows. Garcia can really do a lot in the next four years and we can't rule out the possibility that he will really decide to try something new. And even if it were only temporary or experimental. Certainly, that would attract a lot of attention from both boxing and MMA fans.

The only question is how Garcia would cope among MMA fighters, who are a completely different profile of fighters