Whyte: “I’ll just find Joshua and break his leg so he can’t fight"


Whyte: “I’ll just find Joshua and break his leg so he can’t fight"
Whyte: “I’ll just find Joshua and break his leg so he can’t fight"

Everything he announced, Dillian Whyte accomplished last weekend. He got revenge on Alexander Povetkin in the best possible way. He dominated against the Russian heavyweight from the beginning of their match held in Gibraltar and ended it with a knockout in the fourth round.

Whyte thus regained the interim champion's belt according to the WBC, that is, the position of the mandatory challenger for the champion's belt, which is held by Tyson Fury. Of course, that doesn't mean anything to him, since Fury has two matches ahead of him against Anthony Joshua, but it's certainly not a good feeling to be in the same situation twice.

Namely, Dillian was already a challenger on hold while Fury and Deontay Wilder were doing their revenge duties. "I'm not ready to wait, I've waited too long and I don't want to allow this to myself anymore," Whyte said after the fight, citing examples of some boxers fighting for the WBC title, unlike him: "Look at Eric Molina or Dominic Breazeale.

They're nobody compared to me. I broke through the rankings the right way." Even before the match, Dillan said that he understands the situation and that he intends to be active, but expressing frustration can certainly help him in the future.

Then came the question of what would have to happen if Dillian were still fighting for the world title this year. Aware that it was hardly possible that this would happen, he decided to joke. “I’ll just find Joshua and break his leg so he can’t fight so in the end I’ll fight Fury,” Dillian said with a smile.

Hearn on Dillian

His promoter Eddie Hearn is pleased with what has been done, but it is also his job to keep his boxer under control. Namely, as the main organizer of the match between Joshua and Fury, his main goal is to have the biggest match in recent years.

"The ultimate goal for Dillian has always been to fight for the world title. Everyone in boxing knows he can match absolutely anyone in this division. In this match, the goal was to get his championship ambitions back on track," Hearn explained.

Whyte’s situation is actually very clear and if it weren’t for Joshua’s match against Fury he would certainly be a challenger for Fury’s WBC belt. It is a little different with Joshua, who owns three belts and who could therefore have three mandatory challengers.

Now, in the end, Whyte will join them, so that the absolute champion will have four obligatory opponents, and then the games would start.