Whyte believes the match between Fury and Joshua will be 50-50%

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Whyte believes the match between Fury and Joshua will be 50-50%

In front of Dillian Whyte is a big match. After last year's unexpected defeat by Alexander Povetkin, the Briton will try to take revenge in Gibraltar. That way, he would regain his position as a mandatory challenger to the WBC, which would normally mean becoming an opponent of Tyson Fury.

But in a situation where the fight for the unification of all four titles awaits us, the circumstances are anything but normal, which is actually a great thing, so Whyte knows that victory will not ensure his attack on the world title.

And it is a situation that he is aware of and understands what he can win with the match in front of him. "If I beat Povetkin, it makes me a mandatory challenger again. But Fury has signed a contract to fight Joshua so I have to wait again.

I'm excited by the very idea of ​​fighting one of them for all four belts." "They're the best in the world, and I'm doing this to fight the best. But they've arranged two fights, so I should wait over a year for that match, and I don't intend to sit on the sidelines that much."

"I'm going to fight someone. I've already been the first challenger, and yet I accepted some hard fights, ”Whyte wrote in his column published on the BBC. In 2015, he was fighting against Joshua and was defeated that way, until he met Fury.

Still, he follows all the events enough to be able to assess where who has the advantage and what to expect. "Joshua is very strong, he has good speed and he showed that he knows how to return to the match even better after his opponents threaten him."

"He was also knocked out against Ruiz, but he showed in the second match that he knows how to adapt and did not give him any chances."

Whyte on Joshua

"Fury is a very skilled fighter, has good reflexes, and moves very well for such a big man, but I would not say that he is stronger than Joshua.

But he is taller, heavier, and has longer arms." "He is one of those you are convinced of that he will lose and then he reassures you and win. He has already gone through a lot and won in ways no one would have expected he could."

"After a draw against Deontay Wilder, he announced he would knock him out in a rematch and he did. From a defensive boxer he has become an aggressive offensive boxer who constantly attacks, ”are the hymns to both, followed by a prognosis: "In my opinion, this match is 50-50 because they have a strong lot of similarities and also they both know how to adapt to the opponent and change their style accordingly.

It's hard to say who will win." " It could be an exciting match, but it could be also very boring, a match where they would both rely too much on technique and where they would wait for each other. But I can't wait for their fight "- Whyte said It looks like Joshua and Fury’s first match should take place in June, and the contract provides for a second match, regardless of the outcome of the first fight.