The widow of the legendary Hagler has denied rumors of his death

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The widow of the legendary Hagler has denied rumors of his death

The widow of the recently deceased Marvelous Marvin Hagler has denied rumors that the former world boxing champion has died due to a reaction to the coronavirus vaccine. Kay.G (his wife) seems furious at the rumors circulating and believes that the causes of death should not be discussed and that it is a superfluous topic at the moment "I was the only person who was with him until the last minute and only I know how things went.

Even his family doesn't know all the details and therefore I DON'T accept reading a stupid comment without knowing what actually happened." "The vaccine certainly didn't cause his death. My baby left in peace with his usual smile and now is not the time to talk nonsense like this, ”Kay G.

Hagler wrote on her late husband’s official Facebook fan page. In the continuation of her announcement, Kay also explained how Marvin hated funerals and that therefore there would be no funeral or church ceremony. "He wants you to remember him by a happy smile, but I would also be happy for each of you to light a candle for him."

"However, I will do something special because it was his wish. I will let you know at the right time what exactly it is, it is necessary I have some time, ”Kay added in her post.

Thomas Hearns apologized

Let’s also mention that rumors of vaccine deaths exploded when the public came across one post by the legendary Thomas Hearns who wrote on his Instagram on the eve of Hagler’s death that Marvin was “fighting the consequences of the vaccine”.

Of course, although the once-great Hagler sports rival did not provide additional details, many concluded that it was a current vaccine against coronavirus. Hearns' post is no longer visible on Instagram, but a new one has appeared in which he apologized to Kay and the rest of Hagler's family.

The official website of one of the best fighters in the history of the middleweight category, that of the late Marvelous Marvin Hagler, states that the boxing icon died a natural death near his home in New Hampshire. Certainly no matter the cause of death, this is news that surprised all boxing fans.

The world was left without a great boxing legend who will be remembered for the successes he achieved in boxing, but also for his good character and generosity.