Eddie Hearn claims that his statement did not violate the contract

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Eddie Hearn claims that his statement did not violate the contract

Eddie Hearn angered the other side of the table when he revealed on Monday that the contracts for the two fights of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury had finally been signed. The reason lies in the alleged agreement that both teams were to announce the big news at the same time.

That's why shortly after Hearn, a disgruntled Frank Warren, one of the promoters of the current WBC champion Fury, showed up. Warren was obviously annoyed and angry, but unfortunately, it’s too late now to change certain things.

However, it seems that some small details remain to be agreed upon, and after that, the fight could be agreed soon. "We're not happy, but the information has already come out and there's nothing more we can do about it.

There's still work to be done, but we all want this to happen," Warren told talkSPORT. The date and location, let us remind you, are not known yet. But we are familiar with the reaction of Hearn, who commented on Warren's words for iFL TV.

Namely, Eddie claims that what he said in the interview for ESPN was not the announcement of the match at all. "It was an interview, not an announcement. We didn't want to make a big official announcement and cause a fuss, but I wanted to let everyone know what the situation was."

Fury's team

It seems that both sides are satisfied with the conditions and the agreement and that they are eagerly waiting for the official announcement of the fight, which will be a real spectacle. " I talked to Fury's team and they were happy to tell everyone that everyone signed the contract because that's really good news.

But we still have some things to work out ..." "I think Frank said it was agreed that we'd make a post, and this wasn't a post. I went through it with Fury's team and they were happy with mentioning it."

Frank believes that he should not be guilty at all and that the focus should be shifted to a match that will cause great satisfaction among boxing fans. "Well, it happened. It's not that I 'tweeted' and said, 'It's agreed!'

I was asked, 'I heard you all signed, is that correct?' and I replied, ‘Yes, we are and now we are going towards confirming the date and location.’ I think we should all celebrate this." "There is still work to be done, but this is also good news, ”Hearn explained.