Ruiz Jr. : "You will see my best version"

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Ruiz Jr. :  "You will see my best version"

Deontay Wilder is once again one of the current topics these days. Tyson Fury talked about Wilder in a recent interview and presented him as a possible opponent. Lately, though, Wilder has been associated with Andy Ruiz JR, with which he could fight.

Namely, the story began circulating in boxing circles that after a fight with Chris Arreola (April 24), Ruiz could cross gloves with the former owner of the WBC belt. "Of course I'm interested in it. Everyone is talking about that match.

I'd love to fight both Wilder and Fury," Ruiz told Little Giant Boxing. "I know Joshua is going to fight Fury, and I want that green belt (WBC). I've had them all, but I miss that one. I need that belt," the former world champion added.

After a very poor performance in which Joshua won the title again, Ruiz decided to change some things about himself. He turned Canelo Alvarez's number one day, and according to many, the best boxer of today redirected him to his coach Eddy Reynoso.

It seems that Ruiz did the right thing with the call, and in the end, that call will pay off.

Mental strength

Ruiz wanted to change a lot of things about himself and he seemed to have a hard time losing to Joshua. It was this defeat that could change Ruiz as a fighter and bring him to a level he had never been before.

According to him, in addition to his fighting skills, it seems that Ruiz wants to work on mental strength in order to be better focused on the match and to make it easier to win. The way he wants to achieve this is by fighting different champions, and he thinks that is the best way to achieve the desired goal.

"After the defeat by Joshua, I contacted Canel and told him I wanted a change. Now I train with a lot of different champions, and with that comes a different mentality." "I'm excited and I want to give the fans what they deserve.

I've never been to 100 percent." "You will see my best version. Yes, there are still some things we will improve, and now the most important thing is to keep working." "After Arreola, I want to keep fighting and training. I want to look better and better," says Ruiz. Ruiz Vs. Wilder, what do you think?