Tyson Fury doesn't want to fight in the UK

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Tyson Fury doesn't want to fight in the UK

Tyson Fury has known to surprise with his statements lately. He often manages to provoke opponents with his statements, but no one can deny his talent and his achievements so far. Fury seems to be relaxed like never before and has put boxing in the background.

Whether he is playing a game with the media or is honest, we cannot know that. Fury as he says “does nothing” and spends time drinking beers "I don't train anymore, I'm currently on vacation. I drink between eight and 12 beers a day.

I don't eat, and I ingest all the calories through alcohol. And that's actually it, I don't do anything." "I stopped constant training until some things start to happen, ”Fury told iFL TV, adding that these days physical activity is mostly done by playing table tennis.

Of course, no matter how serious he looks in the moments when he was giving these statements, we can never be sure with the 'Gypsy King' and it is easily possible that he is just playing with the media and the heads of potential rivals ...

Yet he seems to have certain goals that he wants to accomplish and that he has presented to himself. Fury never lacked motivation and always tried to be maximally motivated and destroy the opponent.

Fury doesn't want to fight in the UK

He doesn't seem to be afraid of any opponent, and it doesn't matter who will be in front of him in the ring, he is ready to fight.

In any case, it will be interesting to find out his next opponent and how Fury will deal with him "I'm going to do two fights this year and I don't care if I have Joe Bloggs, Fred Flintstone, Mike Tyson, anyone as my opponent...

I just want to fight," Fury said, and then disappointed his many fans in Britain. Fury doesn’t want to fight in the UK. He believes that he can only fight in the countries that will make the spectacle "Here (in the UK, op.a.) I will never box again.

The world boxing superstar will not box at a small event. It has to happen in the capital of entertainment." "My new home is Las Vegas. I did my last three fights there." "Just look at my last four performances - Staples Center in California, MGM Grand Garden Arena, T-Mobile Arena, and MGM again. Everything took place there and I intend to stay there and end my career," said Fury.