Anthony Joshua and his team have signed contracts for fight

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Anthony Joshua and his team have signed contracts for fight

Eddie Hearn’s new information about the stage of the match-fixing process of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury has finally surfaced. According to what the main organizer of the match said, the contracts were arranged and signed on the one hand.

The other one, who is behind the WBC world champion, Tyson Fury, is still waiting. "We are waiting for them to sign the contract. There are too many people on their side who need to sign, on ours, it is much easier. Once we have agreed on all the terms, we told them to settle down, go through all sides, and sign, after which we are ready to continue."

"This process is taking longer than we expected, but I talked to people from Fury's team last night. They told me that everything should be resolved within the next 24 or 48 hours," Hearn said during a guest appearance on the Ab & Barak show.

transmits DAZN. At the same time, there is some information that the fans want to hear, and that is the date of the match, the first of two that should be done according to the contract. It's one of the weekends in June, which means we'll have to wait until the match.

But it has been announced that both matches should be held this year. The Matchroom owner and main Joshua promoter added something more about the complexity of the whole process. That shouldn't really surprise anyone if we know how things are going in today's boxing, especially if it's a match to unite all four world titles.

Saudi Arabia

"There are too many looking for a piece of that Tyson Fury cake. On Joshua's side, you have Anthony, his management company '258' and us, ie Matchroom, it's very simple." "There you have Fury, you have Top Rank, you have Queensbury, and they're all around the world."

"I don't know if they have any internal agreements and rearrangements, but that's not our job either. What we say is that we are ready and waiting," he added. Hearn announced that he will start working on the location of the match only when all the contracts are signed, but it is easy to conclude from the media that Saudi Arabia is the clear favorite.

Wealthy shakes have already sent some offers to Hearn and it seems they are willing to invest $ 200 million of their own funds just to get a household. After the great success of the match between Joshua and Ruiz, held in December 2019 in Saudi Diraya, Hearn probably has nothing against new collaboration.