Andy Ruiz Jr. will have a fight in April

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Andy Ruiz Jr. will have a fight in April

It is finally known when Andy Ruiz Jr. will return to the ring. (33-2, 22 KOs), for the first time since an infamous rematch against Anthony Joshua, held in December 2019. Six months after shocking the world by dethroning the British, becoming the first Mexican with a world heavyweight title (moreover, he held three op.a.), Ruiz in return came in much worse form than for the first match, in which he jumped in as a replacement.

Joshua defeated him in Saudi Diraya almost routinely, with clever tactics and a choice of measured strokes. "Destroyer" decided to make his life more private after that match, which together with the first one brought him earnings that he could hardly have dreamed of a year earlier.

Not much could be learned about him or his boxing plans. It was only during the last year that there were some signs of a return a couple of times, but the match was not arranged. Yet, already after returning to the media in recent weeks, it was clear that Ruiz was preparing to return to the ring.

Recently in the team of one of the world’s best coaches, Eddie Reynoso, he announced his big transformation, revealing that the same will be able to be seen in the ring in April.

Chris Arreola

It was not known when, where and against whom, although various names of possible opponents were mentioned.

That is, it was not known until today when the mentioned information was officially disclosed. The 31-year-old Ruiz will lead a PPV boxing event organized by FOX television. It will take place on April 24, and the choice of opponents actually disappointed many boxing fans.

He will be fighting against Chris Arreola, a well-known boxing name, but also a fighter who left his best days behind. We will not be too strict if we say that only one name remains one of the most exciting heavyweights in the world.

The 39-year-old Arreola (38-6-1, 33 KO) has a background similar to that of his opponent. He also comes from a Californian Mexican family, and even three times he had the opportunity to become the first Mexican heavyweight champion.

The first came in 2009, but Vitaly Klitschko also inflicted the first defeat in his career that way. After that match, he had significant victories, some of which he achieved in unforgettable wars, and in 2014 he got a second chance to ascend to the world throne, but even then he failed. Better than him that way was Berman Stiverne. He had his third chance in 2016 when he was defeated by Deontay Wilder.