Julio Cesar Chavez tells his story

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Julio Cesar Chavez tells his story

In an exclusive interview, the former great boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez confided in recalling his amazing career in the boxing world; it was a real history of his golden years. The former Mexican boxer told the great victory against Héctor Camacho in 1992, but that immediately after that conquest, the undefeated great champion felt as if he had already done everything.

Chavez said that he unfortunately began to take dangerous roads, with addictions also to narcotic substances. He told: “Especially at the end of my career, when I fought with 'Macho' Camacho, it was crazy, it was a meeting with a high media resonance, it was something very big.

After that fight, however, I felt like I had accomplished everything. So I started to lose respect for boxing, for myself. I no longer trained as I did in the past. I only won matches because I was a pure fighter, a good fighter."

Chavez then says that his first defeat against Frankie Randall on 29 January 1994, was one of the saddest days of his life and career: “By now in that period I had a very advanced addiction, I was not preparing in the same way anymore, I was not training in the same way anymore; I knew very well that defeat would come sooner or later.

I had accepted that match just for money. I had been training for that match for only two weeks. Defeat was the most disappointing part of my career. I had 90 fights and I was unbeaten, I did almost 15 years without a single defeat, it was really something very sad to lose, very painful; but I could no longer live with myself, I was now lost.

In fact, I also had many problems with my wife because of this damned addiction."

Ko in 7 seconds: scandal or power?

Miranda Adkins challenged the reigning champion Silver Wbc of the mini-pools, Seniesa Estrada, to win the title.

Yet the match, held on July 24th in Indio, California, lasted only seven seconds. Little was enough for Estrada to definitively knock out her opponent. A few punches and everything is over. It was the fastest and most scandalous match in women's boxing history.

Mexican-born American Seniesa Carmen Estrada has been the reigning champion since 2018, since she defeated Venezuelan Debora Rengifo by technical knockout. Since then she has successfully defended her title three times, including meeting with Adkins last Friday.

In her professional career, which began in 2011, Estrada has racked up the beauty of 19 wins (including 8 per knockout) and zero defeats. Even Miranda Adkins, in fact, until Friday evening was undefeated in official meetings.

Except she wasn't supposed to be fighting Estrada. The champion should have been challenged by Mexican boxer Jacky Calvo, who was forced to give up the match because of an injury. And so it was quickly replaced by Adkins, who evidently did not arrive at the appointment in the best of form.