Foreman: "I think McGregor can beat Pacquiao."

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Foreman: "I think McGregor can beat Pacquiao."

Conor McGregor did not enter 2021 in the best way and after a 12-month break, he suffered a heavy defeat from Dustin Poirier. Although the Irishman believes he has a lot more to offer in the UFC, some, like legendary boxing champion George Foreman, advise him to leave MMA and dedicate himself entirely to a boxing career.

“Now I’d rather watch him in boxing matches,” ‘Big George’ began in an interview with the Daily Star. Recall, before the rematch of McGregor and Poirier, there was a lot of talk about Conor's new boxing trip or a potential fight against Manny Pacqui but this idea was temporarily suspended after the new defeat of the former UFC champion.

Foreman, on the other hand, believes that this plan should be continued and, somewhat surprisingly, gives the Irishman a very good chance. Foreman believes McGregor has good boxing skills and could match Pacquiao. However, most are aware that McGregor is not a boxer at all and that he could hardly match such a fighter who has been boxing since he was a child.

McGregor is a man who doesn't want to be limited and who wants freedom in his fight, and obviously, boxing can't allow that.

Foreman on McGregor

"I think he can beat him. With good rules, through 10 rounds - yes, McGregor can beat him.

He's already adjusted to boxing, and in MMA he won't do so well anymore. Pacquiao is very good, but Conor can beat him in a boxing match ", concludes one of the greatest boxers in history. McGregor, let us remind you, did only one professional boxing match.

It happened in August 2017 when he was stopped by the undefeated Flory Mayweather Jr. in a spectacular match in the 10th round of the fight. He wasn't so good in that match and it was obvious that boxing was not his specialty.

McGregor was also aware of this but some other things decided to find himself in the ring and fight for Floyd Mayweather. McGregor is a man who loves attention, who has a certain charisma. It is precisely this charisma today that explains why so many people love him and why they follow his struggles.

Of course, most will agree that there are still more who are against him because of his arrogance and attitude, but McGregor knows that it is this arrogance that helps him in marketing.