Deontay Wilder chose his favorite three knockouts

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Deontay Wilder chose his favorite three knockouts

The boxing summary of 35-year-old Deontay Wilder on paper looks more than impressive. 42 wins, one draw, and only one defeat are what "Bronze Bomber" has achieved in his career so far. Of the 42 victories, as many as 41 were recorded by knockout, where many were such that opponents would end up unconscious, that is, they would be coldly "extinguished"

In such a list of impressive victories, it is difficult to single out some, but that is exactly what Wilder was asked during his last live appearance on Instagram. After some thought, he accepted the task and stated for a start what he had done in the return match to the only boxer who had reached a judge's decision with him by then, that is, a boxer whose WBC world title had been revoked.

"My 'coldest' knockouts? There are so many, but I'll give you some that come to mind first. Berman Stiverne, the second match. I transformed. I gave him an out-of-body experience. It was crazy," Deontay briefly described the first.

the knockout he mentioned. "Artur Szpilka, Szpilka is definitely second," was the second choice. It is a match from 2016, in which the Pole opposed him well until during the ninth round he finished like many before him, unconscious on the floor of the ring.

What surprised Deontay was the choice of a third. In fact, he was not surprised by the mention of the name of the boxer who is too often on his mind anyway, but by the fact that it is not a knockout. Officially, of course, although Wilder has the right to think that the referee started counting too late for his opponent, which many agreed with.

"The knockout from the 12th round of the first match against Fury is my third choice, as I definitely knocked him out coldly. I won that match," Wilder recalled of the incredible scene from the first match with Fury.

He was sent to the floor twice in that match, but the mentioned situation was where Fury really looked finished, only to suddenly open his eyes, get up and play the match aggressively and dominantly until the end of the match.

Of course, Wilder did not fail to mention the above accusation against the referee, which does not sound so convincing, especially after everything he has said about the defeat in the second match.

Wilder on his knockout against Fury

"Not only did I knock him out, but the referee gave him extra time, as he believed it would be the right thing to do because of the type of match it was."

"It was a long-awaited match, a lot was at stake, and referees sometimes in such situations think to do what they think would be best for the sport. I definitely knocked him out, "the former WBC world champion concluded his presentation.

Wilder is currently in an unusual situation, where no one knows what happened to his career and when and how it could continue. He still thinks he can win the third match against Fury in court, while on the other hand there is a lot of talk about his return through the match against Charles Martin.

Whatever happens, it would be a shame for professional boxing to lose him because he is certainly one of the best and deadliest heavyweights in the world.