Eddie Hearn confirms: "Furry and Joshua will have a fight"

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Eddie Hearn confirms: "Furry and Joshua will have a fight"

Unlike the highest level-MMA, where you have fighters in one organization and negotiate mostly about the amount of income and date (if the income is not already agreed in advance by contract), arranging big matches in boxing is much more complicated.

The process of arranging a match, while satisfying all parties, can sometimes take months, and this seems to be the case with the match that everyone expects the most. Of course, we are speaking about a match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

The main man to organize it is the owner of Matchroom Boxing, Eddie Hearn, who works every day to solve individual problems and claims that the match is getting closer every day. Impatient is not only the fans but also Joshua, with whom Hearn is in constant contact.

"He's fantastic, he hasn't stopped working since the match against Pulev. He just loves boxing, he even enjoys lockdown because it suits him when everything is a bit robotic." "Every day he asks me where we are with the match against Fury, how far we've come.

Everything. What I can tell him is that we are finalizing those finer details." "We don't see anything serious that could endanger us. Of course, the main plan is to get to the point where both boxers will sign, and then we can announce to the world and finalize all the details.

In that last part I'm not going before both boxers sign, ”Hearn revealed in an interview with Fight Hub.

Second option

The last part is about location and date, and absolutely nothing is known about that for now except that Hearn isn’t even thinking about an option where there would be no audience in the stands.

"It's the biggest match that boxing can offer at the moment, I'd even say one of the biggest of all time. Then you automatically have 15 different people offering different solutions and so there's a huge amount of work.

I just don't want to accept it until both boxers sign." , explained why he could not answer anyone when and where the match could take place. Is there any option for Joshua if this whole deal fails? Hearn claims that this is not an option for them, that it is not a question of whether the match against Fury in 2021 will happen.

"Honestly, I don't know what we would do to avoid a fight against Tyson Fury, we don't have a plan. Everyone is focused on doing this job. This is a fight, this is the moment and you will get it," Hearn confirmed.

Joshua last performed in December last year, when he easily defeated Kubrat Pulev, defending three world titles he holds. Fury also wanted to perform in December, but Deontay Wilder legally managed to thwart his planned match against Agit Kabayel. So Fury's last match dates back to February last year when he defeated Wilder.