Hearn on Wilder: "He had a chance to become king, but at the moment he's not."

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Hearn on Wilder: "He had a chance to become king, but at the moment he's not."

It will soon be a year since the second match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, a match in which the "Bronze Bomber" suffered the first defeat of his career, but a very heavy defeat. Not long after, he started with incredible excuses that included the weight of the bones with which he came to the ring, eventually, it came to pass that he accused the coach of sabotage and water poisoning, followed by silence.

Still, Wilder is back in the media these days, with new attacks on the coach, but also a statement that he still considers himself the best in the world. Unfortunately for him, the boxing audience does not agree with that and they have already put him aside and are waiting for a match between the two best heavyweights, Anthony Joshua and Fury.

The main man for his organization is Eddie Hearn, who in an interview with IFL also commented on what is currently happening with Wilder.

Eddie on Wilder

Eddie does not seem to be satisfied with his statements that are constantly in the media "Listen to his last interview.

He has completely lost his sanity, he has been without it completely. When he starts talking about himself in the third person and calls himself a king, what is he talking about?" "He had a chance to become king, but at the moment he's not," said Hearn, who doesn't like the whole situation, especially since he thinks Wilder has a place in the world heavyweight division.

As for Wilder’s return to the ring, there is loud talk of a match against former world champion Charles Martin. Hearn likes the idea, and he knows Martin well from the match in which Anthony Joshua once took away his world title.

"I'd love to see him in the ring again, it would be good for boxing, just like the return of Andy Ruiz. Charles Martin is a good fight for Deontay, he's a great boxer. Yes, Joshua destroyed him in two rounds, but Charles knows how to fight and I believe he's better than then.

I even believe he could beat Wilder, "Hearn said briefly. He is working hard on the biggest heavyweight match and believes the same could be organized soon. For Wilder, he added that he hopes for his return with victories, after which he would be ready to cooperate in a match. Looking at the summary, it wouldn’t take Wilder long to become relevant again.