New problems in the organization of the match between Joshua and Fury

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New problems in the organization of the match between Joshua and Fury

There has been no concrete information lately about the progress in the negotiations for the organization of the match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. It is clear to everyone that it takes time and patience to organize such a match, counting on the way business is done in today's professional boxing.

But it’s always good to know the information, and some have been revealed by Joshua’s manager and future main match organizer, Eddie Hearn. He revealed that everything that needs to be put in the contract is currently being agreed upon, and now there is an item concerning whose name will be mentioned first on the poster, in promotional materials, and in fact in the official name of the event.

And that’s something that could take a few more weeks. "It has yet to be discussed, but I'm looking forward to it. It matters whose name comes first, who goes to the ring first, chooses the locker room, or who weighs first."

"Joke aside, it's not something that can be arranged with one phone call and I'm sure we'll deal with that in the next few weeks. I can't imagine calling over the internet and throwing coins." "They'll have to put everything down on paper and make a deal.

For me personally, Joshua is a bigger name, but we're not ready to end up in things like that, ”Hearn said.

Match will take place on June

It’s a bit unbelievable that something that primarily concerns the ego itself can create so much of a problem, especially if it doesn’t affect the financial side.

Although, Joshua is the one who enters the match with three titles, unlike Fury who enters one and certainly has a better starting position in the negotiations. Hearn believes that there will be no major problems. "It's just one thing we will solve, for now, everything is going much easier than we expected.

Everything took a little longer because our goal is to sign a contract after which there will be no more hundred questions and which can be signed immediately." "We do not have a deadline, but I believe the match will take place in June.

I would not rule out early July either, but June is what we are aiming for, "he revealed some details about when the match is planned to take place. It is important for Hearn that the boxers perform in front of the audience, and the choice of the location of the match will depend on that, and this will probably be discussed last when the situation with the pandemic becomes a little clearer.

According to current estimates, the Middle East is somehow the best for the host of the first of the two matches, which should be immediately in the contract.