Experts opinion: Errol Spence Jr. vs. Danny Garcia?

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Experts opinion: Errol Spence Jr. vs. Danny Garcia?

Kim: Honestly, I'm not sure. When considering the welterweights before the car accident, I thought Spence and Terence Crawford were head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Now, we really don't know what version of Spence exists.

He got thrown out of his car and suffered a broken jaw, among other injuries. In late April, Spence admitted on the "All The Smoke" podcast that he still had not sparred. It will be interesting to see how his jaw stands up to its first punches during this training camp.

Wolfe: It depends on which Spence we get in his first action since that scary October car accident. If it's prime Spence, he's too long, too strong, too quick and too talented of a boxer for Garcia to handle. He should dictate the fight and might even drop Garcia.

But it's quite possible that Spence isn't the same after the accident, and if he shows a little rust or hesitance, Garcia is the type of boxer who can exploit that to pull the upset. Baby: This is an interesting fight because it will be Spence's first since he suffered a one-car crash that left him hospitalized and in intensive care.

If it weren't for that, it'd be easier to predict a Spence stoppage. But despite his being one of boxing's top pound-for-pound fighters, Spence's current form remains a question, while Garcia searches for the form that made him a champion.

That combination could shorten the gap between both fighters.

Spence advantage

Asked about Spence advantage they said: Kim: Spence is the natural welterweight whom you could envision one day moving to 154 and 160, while Garcia is a natural 140-pounder who has settled in as a welterweight.

From a technical standpoint, Spence and Garcia are both very solid, if not perfect. Spence is a southpaw who isn't overly slick, but he makes every punch count, as he throws them with balance. Garcia is a flat-footed right-hander who has a very heavy left hook.

Wolfe: Just about everything. Garcia is game -- one of boxing's best welterweights -- but Spence is one of the best boxers in the world, a notch better in almost everything. Spence's jab should keep Garcia away, and if they get into a brawl, Spence's power could leave Garcia exposed.

Spence has so many tools at his disposal that he can become a brawler or a boxer, depending on the opponent. But Spence's biggest advantage in this fight might be his foot speed and ability to control the ring. Baby: Spence has a fairly significant reach advantage over Garcia (72 inches to 68.5).

If Spence can control the distance, he can keep Garcia from counterpunching. Spence also tends to throw more compact punches, which allows him to be effective at various ranges. Spence has fared very well against elite competition.

He didn't drop a single round to Mikey Garcia, who moved up to welterweight for the 2019 bout, and he defeated Shawn Porter, who defeated Garcia by unanimous decision in 2018.