Askren thinks he is the absolute favorite in the match with Jake Paul

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Askren thinks he is the absolute favorite in the match with Jake Paul

Ben Askren’s boxing has never been a strong point, and some feel that the famous MMA fighter is so bad in that segment that they even see a YouTuber like Jake Paul as the favorite in their match. As a reminder, this week it has been confirmed that Askren and Paul will compete in the boxing ring on April 17.

The organizer of this event will be the Triller Fight Club, the fight has been arranged for eight rounds, and Jake and Ben will be wearing 10-ounce gloves on their hands. "He's a YouTube star, and people are trying to think he's some good boxer.

Just think of the characters I was standing in the cage: Douglas Lima, Andrey Koreshkov, Robbie Lawler, and they were wearing four-ounce gloves." "Besides, they could hit me with their fists, elbows, legs, knees ...

They could do whatever they wanted. And now I have to fight this YouTube star in 10-ounce gloves ... I'm not worried, "Askren sounded confident when in a conversation with ESPN he referred to that match.

Boxing debut

For a retired MMA fighter who has suffered the only two defeats in the last two matches, by Jorge Masvidal and Demian Maia, this will be his boxing debut.

Jake, on the other hand, is currently at 2-0 but has played both matches against names that have virtually nothing to do with boxing. He first stopped YouTuber AnEsonGib by technical knockout in January last year, only to knock out former NBA star Nate Robinson with difficulty ten months later.

It seems that Askren is confident and that he will enter this fight relaxed and to resolve the match as soon as possible. He is aware that he has a huge advantage, although he is not a professional boxer, he still has more experience and more knowledge, so this approach is not surprising.

"They probably don't really believe so much in my stand-up, but I've come to terms with it. Look, I've never tried to be a great stand-up fighter in MMA, but I've tried to be a great fighter." "Mine is the tactics in the fights were very effective and no one except Masvidal ever knocked me out.

I was never even shaken. I am very successful in avoiding punches and I have shown this in a fight where a lot of techniques were allowed. They could hit me with their elbows, with my foot, knees, hands, but none of these trained killers managed to hit me hard, ”Askren added.