Deontay Wilder could fight Charles Martin

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Deontay Wilder could fight Charles Martin

Deontay Wilder has not entered the ring since February last year and a heavy defeat in the second match against Tyson Fury. More than in the hall he could be seen in very strange and in fact many embarrassing media appearances, where he tried to find excuses for defeat.

The first excuse was about the weight of the costume he wore on the way to the ring, while the second was about the coach, whom he accused of poisoning his water. In the meantime, he started trying to get a third match against Fury, but the team around "Gipsy King" claims that he has no right to do so.

It all ended in court and Wilder does not intend to give up as long as there is hope, but it seems that his team has started working on another match through which the former bronze medalist could return to the ring.

Match against Charles Martin

The media reveal that the people in charge of Wilder's career are trying to arrange a match against Charles Martin (28-2-1, 25 KOs), the former world champion according to the IBF and according to BoxRec the 15th heavyweight in the world.

Martin won the title in 2016 but lost it to Anthony Joshua. After that, he played five matches, where he recorded four victories over lower-ranking boxers and a defeat by Adam Kownacki. For Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) it would certainly be a good return match, as Martin’s reputation and ranking are, in the opinion of analysts, much better than his real boxing quality.

He also carefully chooses matches in hopes that he could get another chance to make more money, which a match against the still very popular Wilder could secure for him. It is not yet known when the situation around Wilder and Fury could be resolved, and the same also depends on arranging a match between Fury and Joshua.

It all leads to the fact that Bronze Bomber will have to look for his way to a new big match on a newly built path, and that could be through Charles Martin. A fight between Wilder and Martin would certainly be interesting and Wilder could take advantage of such an option.

It is certain that a fight with Furry would arouse more interest and that most boxing fans would like to have such a fight, but it seems that Fury's team does not think so. Still, Wilder needs to prepare for the match and recover from a previous defeat by Fury